"...exhaust temp dropped over 200 degrees F and oil temperature dropped from 150 to 100 degrees. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get the oil temperature to register over 100 degrees. In my professional opinion my oil consumption (which has been approximately a gallon a week) is considerably reduced due to the fact that it hasn't been burning up at high temperatures any longer.  The exhaust temps are nothing short of a miracle which, in my opinion, will also increase the likelyhood of prolonged engine life and extended service intervals. A 200 degree F temperature drop validates the DG78 fuel catalyst claim that it reduces autoignition temperatures by approx 400 degrees F.  Consequently, a cooler running engine will prove to increase the bottom line for drivers and carriers alike. "

Contract Trucker

Trucking Firm in Nebraska
  • $225,307 Annual Savings*
  • ROI return less than 4 months
  • 261% ROI

Small Trucking Firm in Idaho
  • $83,311 Annual Savings*
  • ROI return in 4 months
  • 286% ROI

Independent in West Virginia
  • $63,208 Annual Saving*
  • ROI return in 3 months
  • 253% ROI

* Savings derived from reduced fuel consumption
rates, reduced maintenance expense and expanded maintenance intervals.


 Fuel and Engine Optimization Solutions


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