How DG-78 Works

DG-78 Fuel Catalyst is constantly described in such terms as “magic for motors,” “motor muscle,” “fuel steroid,” and “miracle for motors,” etc.

The most accurate descriptor, though, is fuel combustion optimizer. DG-78 actually lowers the ignition temperature of fuel by as much as 400° F causing a more complete burn and increased engine performance.

What does that do to an engine? It’s called THERMOEFFICIENCY. The engine runs cooler, thereby reducing damage caused by excessively heated engines. Less oil is burned. Good things happen.


Combustion Chamber with normal explosive ignition. Excessive carbon buildup is the usual result along with unburnt fuel carbons being exhausted. Additionally, engine life will be reduced along with less performance of the engine.


Combustion Chamber with DG-78 treated fuel resulting in a “slow burn” ignition caused by a reduced ignition point in the fuel. End result – more thorough and complete burn, much less exhaust, and higher engine performance.


As can be noticed in the before and after, fuel injectors clog after so much use. DG-78 not only cleans the injector heads causing a more consistent disbursement of fuel inside the pistons, its thermo-efficiency enabler allows ignition of the fuel at a much reduced temperature.


Contamination of fuel inside fuel tanks is a normal occurrence. DG-78’s ingredients eliminates water, sludge, bacteria, alcohol, and other contaminates from fuel.

DG-78 Comes In The Following Sizes

8 ounces

16 ounces

1 US Gallon

5 US Gallons

DG78 55 US Gallons
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