The Dorton Group is the owner and distributor of DG78 fuel catalyst.  Acquired in 2011 by The Dorton Group through merger, DG78 fuel catalyst became the number one selling product in The Dorton Group line of Heavy Fuel Consumption Industry service products.




We offer value-added service and products to clients with large fleets (land or sea based) allowing them to have better control over their fleet’s movements, operations and maintenance. We give our clients better return of investment for their assets, more productivity, and reduced operational costs, all to serve their bottom dollar.


The Dorton Group was created in 1998 by a brother-sister team, after recognizing the large fleet industry was ill served when it came to their most valuable asset – their fleet. To provide a superior asset controlled environment, they created the nation’s first terrestrial-based contiguous wireless coverage for GPS tracking and wireless communications.

The company is still family operated and recently merged with Fleet2010 Inc., a Fuel and Engine Optimization Solutions provider to the heavy fuel consumption industry.


 Fuel and Engine Optimization Solutions


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